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Between Homes

New Home Construction Delays or Early Home Sales

Corporate Housing Solutions is familiar with the uncertainties involved with a home purchase, a home sale, and new home construction.  As you set out to buy a home, it is common for individuals to want to try out living in a specific area before committing, especially in a relocation situation.  If you are selling a home, you can find yourself in the enviable position of selling your home too quickly.  You may now be required to move out of your residence before your future home is ready.  Delays in the construction of a new home can create difficulty in the flow of your move from your current residence to your new home.  All of these situations can be resolved with a temporary housing solution, which Corporate Housing Solutions can find for you to fill the gap between your move out and move in dates.

We invite you to browse through our selection of properties .  Keep in mind that these choices represent only a partial list of available properties.  Numerous additional accommodations are available throughout the Denver area.  If you are ready to secure your temporary housing solution, please complete our Price and Availability form.  One of our Leasing Specialists will contact you.

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