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8/15/2019 Denver Real Estate Investors See Buying Oppurtunity
Corporate Housing Solutions | With all the ups and downs of the Denver real estate market it is refreshing to to hear from someone that has a pretty good handle on real estate,

7/15/2019 A Third of People in the Denver Metro Area are Renters and Better Off Financially
Corporate Housing Solution | A recent Denver Post article reporting on a survey conducted by Apartment List on 5000 people demonstrated that despite the Denver Metro area being filled with a population of renters, there is still stigma associated with the trend,

6/15/2019 An Experimental Home-Sharing Facility is Coming to Downtown Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | The Colorado Real Estate Journal is reporting on an experimental apartment complex coming to Denver,

5/15/2019 Are Denver Landlords Providing Clean Rental Properties?
Corporate Housing Solution | In a hot market like Denver, we expect there to be landlords cutting corners on maintenance and upkeep on their properties because the demand is so high people tend to overlook the basics, desperate to sign on a lease. But apparently this has become such a problem that legislation is required to penalize landlords if their properties don’t meet certain standards.

4/15/2019 Denver Voted No.2 Best Place to Live
Corporate Housing Solution | Denver has been recently recognized as the Number 2 Best Place to live in the nation. A U.S. report ranks these factors in terms of why people are flocking to Denver,

3/15/2019 Is Denver Real Estate Cooling Off?
Corporate Housing Solutions | The housing market in the Denver area is cooling down a bit for the first time in 7 years according to reports by the Metro Association of Realtors. The Denver Post reporting has this to say this about the down-turn in Denver home prices,

2/15/2019 The Denver Wealthy Prefer Short-Term Rentals Over Owning
Corporate Housing Solutions | A very interesting article out of the Denver Post demonstrated how households making over $100,000 are renting rather than buying in the Denver metro area. A trend that is counter to traditional wisdom that states owning homes is always a good store of wealth and a safe investment. The Denver Post writes,

1/15/2019 Rent Control Laws Impact Short-Term Rental Properties
Corporate Housing Solutions | Denver lawmakers concerned with the high cost of renting have proposed all sorts of solutions and regulations to remedy the situation. Now a Colorado State Senator, Julie Gonzales is proposing a radical idea called “Rent Control” as a means to tackle this trending issue. The only problem is it has been universally rejected as overt tampering with markets and socialized law making.

12/15/2018 Affordable Housing Violation by a Denver City Council Employee
Corporate Housing Solutions | While the city is rushing to roll out programs in the Denver Metro area to help alleviate the ever-climbing rental rates, a city council employee is being accused of taking advantage of the situation. Fox 31 reporting on the allegations said this,

11/15/2018 An Average Denver Home Requires a $90k a Year Salary
Corporate Housing Solutions | There are always challenges that surface in cities that are experiencing tremendous growth. As the population explodes, the housing and rental market prices explode as well. This means cost-of-living goes up exponentially as a result.

10/15/2018 Winter Months Best Time to Get into Furnished Rentals in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | Fox 31 News, reporting on a new study that ranks Denver as the 17th highest rent in the country had some great advice for anyone looking to rent in the area looking to save money.

9/15/2018 Furnished Rentals a Better Option than Buying in Denver Market
Corporate Housing Solutions | While the rule of thumb in investing has always been to buy homes rather than rent as a means to create wealth, that trend is changing in certain markets. Recently CNBC listed Denver as one of those markets where it has become more cost effective to rent than to buy. The article reads,

8/15/2018 As Rental Prices Go Up in Denver So Do Evictions
Corporate Housing Solutions | Denver is reportedly in an eviction crisis citing over 8,000 evictions amidst rising rental rates. The Denver Post reports,

7/15/2018 Average Denver Mortgages Now Cost More than Premium Furnished Rental Prices
Corporate Housing Solutions | One unique factor in the ever-increasing housing prices in the Denver Metro area is that the cost of an average mortgage is about the same price as a premium short term, furnished rental property.

6/15/2018 Scammers Posting Fake Rental Ads in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | There are increasing reports that Denver has become a target area for scammers looking to dupe people into sending them money on properties they don’t own.

5/15/2018 Denver Residents are Fleeing to Other States
Corporate Housing Solution | Redfin a website used by many to search MLS listings is reporting that searches for residents levaing Denver and Seattle markets are skyrocketing. The skyrocketing cost of living and housing market is becoming untenable for long-time residents.

4/15/2018 Will Marijuana Solve the Denver Housing Crunch?
Corporate Housing Solution | It doesn’t take a genius to understand what is driving the housing crisis in Denver, marijuana.

3/15/2018 A Better Option is Furnished Rentals Not Spare Bedrooms in Denver
Corporate Housing Solution | As the housing crunch in Denver continues to be a problem, the Denver Post ran a story suggesting that a good option for affordable housing could be renting a bedroom from retirees.

2/15/2018 Avoiding Short-Term Rental Scams in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | Denver has become a hot-bed for rental scams recently. This is something that happens in almost all major metropolitan areas, but scammers focus heavily on metro areas that are experiencing housing crunches because people become desperate in their housing search, making them easy victims. Fox News profiled a victim recently,

1/15/2018 Denver Metro Area Rentals Sky Rocket Solution Executive Rentals | Westword is reporting that prices for rentals in some of the top Denver metro area neighborhoods continue to skyrocket as much as 20%. “The figures come from Zumper, whose latest report identifies Denver as the nation's 18th most expensive rental market. As of December, one-bedrooms in the city as a whole went for an average of $1,370, down 2.8 percent from the previous month, while two-bedroom costs were fairly static, averaging out at $1,810. But on a year-to-year basis, prices for units of both sizes went up more than 15 percent.

12/15/2017 Executive Rentals Not Affected by Denver Lodgers Tax | Denver has recently extended its Lodgers Tax to AirBnB rentals meaning the price for short-term, vacation rentals are expected to go up as a result. Renters are having to up their rates in an effort to mitigate the tax liability. The Denver Post reports,

11/25/2017 Passing a Credit Check for Furnished Rentals in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | A recent article in the Westword referencing a new study found Denver to be one of the hardest cities for renters to pass a credit check in,"The credit score required for renters to get approved in Denver remains among the highest in the country, partly because of the still-red-hot housing market in the Mile High City.So says Nadia Balint, author of a new study for RENTCafe. The analysis found that the average credit score of approved renters in fifty major cities across the country stands at 650, a number that's risen by 12 points in the last three years. In Colorado Springs, the median credit score is mighty close to the aforementioned national number: 651. But in Denver, the average figure stands at 676, landing the community just inside the top fifteen for U.S. cities with the highest average rent credit score needed for approval. And the average credit score of rejected Denver rent applicants — 553 — is on the high side, too."

10/23/2017 Executive Housing Strategies for Corporations Moving to Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | Recently Amazon announced they will be moving their corporate headquarters to another city. This announcement has prompted 100's of proposals submitted by cities all across the nation. One such city which is proving to be an Amazon favorite is Denver. An article in the Westword highlighting this potential move lays out some of the benefits and also the logistical challenges associated with their corporate Headquarters coming to Denver.

9/20/2017 Why are People Looking to Relocate to Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | Job growth in Denver, People are flocking to the Denver metro area. While many attribute the growth to the legalization of marijuana in 2014, dubbed by many as the Colorado Green Rush, it really isn't the biggest factor. The fact is the population growth was booming prior to legalization. The biggest reasons as to why Colorado has become such a popular place to relocate to is one the Job Market, and two the quality of life people aspire to in Colorado. According to a report Denver ranked #2 as the best market for job seekers.

8/17/2017 Renters Moving Out of Denver Due to Soaring Costs
Corporate Housing Solutions | While it is no secret the City of Denver is doing everything it can to help alleviate the housing crunch and soaring living costs a new study shows it may not be enough to prevent renters from moving to other cities.

6/20/2017 Furnished Rentals Helping Alleviate Homebuyers Fatigue in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | Home buyers looking in the Denver Metro area are experiencing what is called "Buyers Fatigue." This basically means a homebuyer has so few options to look at due to the demand that they begin to get disillusioned with the process. The homes that are available are often well out of budget, or simply to run down to justify the purchase in a buyers mind. This causes frustration and even desperation as a home buyer realizes they may never find the perfect home.

5/15/2017 Denver Apartment Builders Can't Keep Up With Demand
Corporate Housing Services | Anybody looking for rentals in the Denver metro area knows that prices are rising. This is mainly due to the skyrocketing demand. In a recent article by the Denver Post, we are told that builders have added a considerable number of apartment complex's but because they are higher-end apartments the average rental costs in Denver keeps going up.

4/24/2017 Unlicensed Vacation Homes in Denver Create Shortage
Corporate Housing Solutions | In 2016, the Denver City Counsel ruled in favor of regulating Vacation Rentals, and now vacation home owners are getting hit with penalties putting and licensing demands that are making it hard for vacationers to find licensed vacation homes summer of 2017.

2/8/2017 Choosing a Management Company for Furnished Rental Properties in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | Furnished rental homes are in high demand right now in the Denver metro area. Many people are renting out their properties for short-term stays or vacation rentals. Though this sounds great on the service, there are some things you need to be aware of before signing a lease on a short-term rental.

12/27/2016 Furnished Homes and Rental Properties in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | Whether you are moving to Denver for short-term employment, looking for a vacation rental, furnished rental properties has become a popular choice in the Denver area. Here are 10 tips that you will want to look out for when renting a furnished home, condo, apartment, or duplex in the Denver area.

11/25/2016 What Every Employee Needs to Know About Temporarily Working in Denver
Corporate Housing Solutions | According to the Denver Post there are 8 major industries that are always recruiting top talent nationwide to fill the growing demand within the Denver market.

10/18/2016 Denver Growth Projections and the Need for Corporate Housing Options | Oct. 18, 2016The Denver Population ExplosionAccording to population

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