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Why are People Looking to Relocate to Denver

Corporate Housing Solutions  | Sept. 18, 2017

Job growth in Denver

People are flocking to the Denver metro area. While many attribute the growth to the legalization of marijuana in 2014, dubbed by many as the Colorado Green Rush, it really isn't the biggest factor. The fact is the population growth was booming prior to legalization.

The biggest reasons as to why Colorado has become such a popular place to relocate to is one the Job Market, and two the quality of life people aspire to in Colorado. According to a report Denver ranked #2 as the best market for job seekers.

"The Mile High City ranked second in the nation for job seekers, according a new NerdWallet report that analyzed employment trends in the nation's 100 largest cities." (Biz Journal)

Also the jobs website wrote that Denver was a millennial hiring paradise,

"The city of Denver, Colorado might call to mind images of ski trips and snowy mountains, but its job market couldn’t be hotter. According to the Wall Street Journal, 32,000 new companies have opened in Denver in the past four years, with over 165,000 jobs to match. That hiring environment—combined with its high quality of life—have made the city a magnet for job-seeking millennials." (

The fact is, its jobs that are bringing people to the Denver area. It is a strong economy with well paying jobs that ultimately play the biggest role in the growth of any major city.


Denver has recently been ranked as one of the 'most fun' cities in the U.S.

Another reason why people are headed for the Mile High City is because of the quality of life Colorado has to offer. The state has one of the most outdoor oriented populations in the nations. Colorado offers hiking, biking, skiing, hunting, and much more just hours outside of the city limits. For people that love the outdoors lifestyle Denver is a little slice of heaven. Just recently Denver has be ranked the 11th 'Most Fun' cities in the nation.

"Denver landed in the 11th spot on finance website WalletHub’s list of the “most fun” cities in the country.

WalletHub based its rankings on a whole slew of entertainment and recreation-related factors, such as the number of restaurants, bars, attractions, skiing facilities, hiking trails, sports facilities, theaters and amusement parks per capita, as well as weather and cost of pleasure activities, among many others.


Housing and Rental Options in Denver

The one downside to trying to move into the Denver area is the housing crunch. It may take months for a family or a job seeker to identify a good home or apartment. One way to get around this is to utilize furnished housing solutions offered by companies like Corporate Housing Solutions.


Corporate and Furnished Housing in Denver Colorado

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