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Affordable Housing Violation by a Denver City Council Employee


Corporate Housing Solutions | Dec. 1, 2019

While the city is rushing to roll out programs in the Denver Metro area to help alleviate the ever-climbing rental rates, a city council employee is being accused of taking advantage of the situation. Fox 31 reporting on the allegations said this,

“The upscale property at 2650 W. Front View Crescent Drive, includes four units set aside as affordable housing by the city of Denver.

In 2009, Rothmier bought a 2-bedroom condo appraised at $250,000 but Rothmier only had to pay $212,000 with the signed promise he would live in the subsidized unit as long as he owned it.


"I've rented it for the last year and half and I was paying $2,300 a month,"  said Rothmier's last tenant Michael Moore.

He said Rothermier was generally a good landlord but he had no idea Rothmier was renting a condo that Rothmier was himself supposed to be living in.

"No idea whatsoever," said Moore.

Moore figured he was paying the standard rental rate for that neighborhood.

"I don't think I was taken advantage of, I think somebody else like maybe the government was taken advantage of," Moore said.” (FOX 31)


Short-term and Long-term Denver Renters Beaware

The rental situation in Denver has created a situation where everyone including city council members are looking to take advantage of renters and make a buck. The number of real estate scammers has sky-rocketed which means renters need to quickly become aware of the problems lest they get taken advantage of as well.

Going through reputable companies like Corporate Housing Solutions is a sure-fire way to prevent becoming a victim of Denver market real estate and rental scams.

“When asked if Rothmeir should've known better since he works as a policy analyst for the city council now making $87,000 a year,  Woodbury said, "You know regardless of where the individual person comes from each and every one of these cases is very important to us. Affordability is paramount to the city now more than ever."

Rothmier declined an interview with the Problem Solvers but according to an email he sent us, Rothmier told FOX31 he "rented that condo in good faith" after the city sent out a letter in 2014 saying a "Change in Household size" might allow homeowners to rent their units.”


Regardless of whether or not Rothmeir knew better to rent his property or not it speaks to the need for experts to help renters navigate the very confusing real estate landscape in Denver as Short-term rental laws, affordable housing laws, and programs come into being.

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