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What Every Employee Needs to Know About Temporarily Working in Denver

Corporate Housing Solutions | Nov. 25, 2016

According to the Denver Post there are 8 major industries that are always recruiting top talent nationwide to fill the growing demand within the Denver market.

“This is the first time that we’ve have had all our industry clusters expand,” said Silverstein. “That we did see this very broad-brush, diverse increase in employment in all our industry clusters this past year is just really encouraging.”

The eight major industries are aerospace; aviation; bioscience; broadcasting and telecommunications; energy; financial services; health care; and information technology-software." (Denver Post)

Though Denver still remains one of the highest educated populations in the nation, the need for companies to relocate employees to fill the employment demand keeps rising. As the demand in these 8 mentioned industries grows so does the demand for housing options in the metro area.

It is also no secret that Denver is experiencing a housing crunch, especially in centrally located areas where the corporate offices and facilities of these industries are located. It was just reported in January of this year that the Denver housing market is simply not keeping pace with the population growth. This is making it harder and harder to relocate employees and finding them adequate living situations.

"A key reason inventory is so tight is that new-home construction hasn’t kept pace with the unexpectedly large number of people moving to the northern Front Range from other states.

A decade ago, Denver-area builders were pulling permits for nearly 15,500 single-family homes a year on average. During the past three years, single-family permits have averaged closer to 8,000 a year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau." (Denver Post)


Corporate Housing Options in Denver Makes Life Easy on the Employee and Employers

This is why so many Denver employers are turning to Corporate Housing to help find adequate living situations for their short-term employees in these industries. There are three major reasons why this is becoming a major trend for temporary living solutions;

  • Corporate Housing apartments, homes and condos are often located in the Denver metro area
    This is a huge factor considering that commutes from suburban areas to the job sites are often well over an hour given traffic and distance. The stress and financial cost incurred with travel expenses is almost always off-set when utilizing the Corporate Housing resources with-in the Denver Metro area.
  • Corporate Housing offers furnished living spaces
    When relocating employees to the Denver area for temporary employment having the option of a furnished and fully equipped kitchen and a furnished living space is a must. This is something that hotels simply cannot provide. Companies that utilize temporary employment often save money on dining costs and outrageous hotel costs while providing the benefit of giving their employees a quality living situation.
  • Employer Costs
    There is a lot of expenses incurred when relocating and temporarily housing employees in a new area. Often the need to relocate an employee is so great that many companies simply do not weigh the costs and foolishly spend entirely too much capital in a desperate attempt to gain the expertise of employees in a given area. This is why utilizing a Corporate Housing representative to help identify the right housing option for your employee is a must. Having a housing expert find the right living situation, in the right area, and at the right time saves companies money and alleviates the headache often associated with researching and placing an employee. Especially in a metro area that is experiencing such a huge housing crunch like the Denver area is currently.


By keeping these things in mind, and calling Corporate Housing Solutions at Toll Free: (800) 843-1635 that has a large selection of housing options and locations you can eliminate many of the negative factors associated with relocation. As a result your company will benefit from the employees expertise as well as allowing them to enjoy all of what the Denver area has to offer.

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