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Denver Growth Projections and the Need for Corporate Housing Options | Oct. 18, 2016

The Denver Population Explosion

According to population projections by the American City Business Journal, Denver as well as areas like Greeley and Fort Collins are expected to double in population by the year 2040.

"The populations of 10 major U.S. metro areas will skyrocket by more than 50 percent in the coming quarter-century, according to projections issued today by American City Business Journals, parent of the Denver Business Journal.

And Denver ranks in the top 10 as well.

Meanwhile, two smaller Colorado cities -- Greeley and Fort Collins -- are expected to grow by at least 50 percent in the coming 25 years as well. (See point No. 6 at the end of this story.)" (

Companies Moving to Denver

While the above article focuses on the population boom, Denver is also seeing a business boom as more and more fortune 500 companies are relocating their business headquarters and operations to the Denver metro area.

 An excellent article profiling 4 large companies that have recently decided to open up shop in Denver explains their reasoning as to why they decided Denver was the perfect fit for their company.

"SnapLogic was looking to open an additional office and felt like the quality of talent in Colorado would match up well with the growth needs in a couple strategic areas, like Sales and Development."

Personal Capital said, "Colorado has the highest concentration per-capita of Certified Financial Planners — a vibrant talent pool to help fuel our fast growth."

Gusto said, "Denver was the ideal second location for Gusto because of its quality of life, innovative culture, ideal economic environment, and wealth of top talent."

Apptio said, "...Denver’s thriving tech scene and the geographic proximity to our headquarters, made this a great place for our new development office." (

Resulting Housing Crunch

As the population and business needs increase, legislators are at odds as to how to ramp up the housing market in-order to accommodate these new growth projections.

"Housing was a top priority for both Democrats and Republicans this year, but lawmakers have been haggling behind closed doors for months on the specifics. Democrats have pressed for tax credits and other incentives to help people afford homes. Republicans have been pushing to make it harder for homeowners to sue builders for construction defects, which in theory could prompt more construction."

“We need to figure out how to deal with this issue of people not having anywhere to live,” said Democratic Rep. Max Tyler of Lakewood.(

While legislators are at odds as to how to address the housing crunch, one thing is for sure, people will need options whether moving from another state or being relocated by their company. One such option has always been hotels, but often this solution is not cost effective nor is it very conducive to short-term or long-term temporary housing. An option that more  people and companies are taking is what is called Corporate Housing. Corporate Housing offers fully furnished rental properties that are often centrally located to major down-town areas and tech sector's with in any given city.

These furnished homes or apartments are ideal considering their location, furnishing, full kitchens and also amenities such as covered parking, pools, gyms, snow removal, etc. In Denver you can find listings for furnished rental properties on websites like

Corporate and Furnished Housing in Denver Colorado

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