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Furnished Rentals Helping Alleviate Homebuyers Fatigue in Denver

Corporate Housing Solutions | June 20, 2017

Homebuyers looking in the Denver Metro area are experiencing what is called "Buyers Fatigue." This basically means a homebuyer has so few options to look at due to the demand that they begin to get disillusioned with the process. The homes that are available are often well out of budget, or simply too run down to justify the purchase in a buyers mind. This causes frustration and even desperation as a home buyer realizes they may never find the perfect home.

An article in the popular Denver magazine 5280 discuses the Denver housing crunch and gives a list of things they can do in order to find that perfect home in the Denver market. In this article they point to the fact that well priced houses in popular areas of the Denver Metro area are virtually nonexistent, and when they do come available they immediately generate dozens of offers.

"But all that buying and selling means the metro area’s housing market is a different beast today than it was a decade ago. Denver once was known as a place where you could buy a stand-alone home with a yard, in a central neighborhood, for less than $350,000. Today, that house is real estate’s version of a pink unicorn. When one is spotted, there’s a frenzy of offers—many above asking price—with cash-only options, rent-back promises, appraisal waivers, and sometimes more bizarro proposals, like the buyer who suggested adopting a seller’s cat because the seller was moving out of the country (the buyer still didn’t win the bid)." (


This article lists out 13 things homebuyers can do to hopefully land the home of their dreams, but what it didn't list was the option of utilizing a furnished rental situation until the right property comes along. The rental option will allow a buyer to thoroughly go through each listing, wait patiently for the perfect home and also span the buying season in hopes more options come available outside of the major summer buying rush. With so few housing options within a decent price range it is easy for panicked buyers to get into a situation where they are well over their budget or in a home that is a good deal less than what they expected. This scenario happens all of the time in a housing crunch, and it would be very wise to avoid this situation seeing it cause more problems than it is worth.

The better option is to contact a furnished rental company like CHS and move into a home or apartment that is located in the area you would ideally move to. These rentals are turnkey so no need for unpacking or all of your stuff for a short term rental situation knowing you will eventually find, and purchase the right property. This will alleviate the stress of finding a house in a crunched market, and most importantly prevent any panicked mistakes from occurring.

By using a furnished property as a launch-pad for your home search you greatly reduce the stress on yourself, on your family and also on your wallet in the long run. This is something only a furnished rental option will allow.

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