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Denver Metro Area Rentals Sky Rocket Solution Executive Rentals | Jan. 15, 2018

Westword is reporting that prices for rentals in some of the top Denver metro area neighborhoods continue to skyrocket as much as 20%.

“The figures come from Zumper, whose latest report identifies Denver as the nation's 18th most expensive rental market. As of December, one-bedrooms in the city as a whole went for an average of $1,370, down 2.8 percent from the previous month, while two-bedroom costs were fairly static, averaging out at $1,810. But on a year-to-year basis, prices for units of both sizes went up more than 15 percent.

In some spots, the increase was even higher. The ten neighborhoods with the fastest growing rent for a one-bedroom range from a bump of just over 9 percent to nearly 20 percent.

There are definitely some surprises in the top ten, which includes trendy enclaves, up-and-coming locations and some areas that are well off the beaten path, as well as a wide range of prices. Count them down below.” (Westword)


Employers who are looking for rentals for their employees already have a hard-enough time finding housing that is close to the major business centers; and now have to deal with the high cost of rentals in these areas also. The solution is executive rentals.


Finding Executive Rentals in High Rent Areas Close to Business Centers

While the rental price is going up on these rentals an option many employers are looking into are short-term, furnished corporate rentals to offset the cost of high rent in Denver business centers. Corporate Housing Solutions does not raise rent based on the findings of studies in these very sought-after neighborhoods. Instead their costs are averaged across their entire stock of managed homes, apartments and condos meaning they can keep the price down despite the raise in rental prices next door.

This option has become the preferred option for most employers looking to locate their employees for temporary job placement and training in areas close to their headquarters or office in Downtown Denver. The best rentals invetories inventories in centrally located business areas can be found at Corporate Housing Solution.

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