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Furnished Homes and Rental Properties in Denver

Corporate Housing Solutions | Dec. 27, 2016

Whether you are moving to Denver for short-term employment, looking for a vacation rental, furnished rental properties has become a popular choice in the Denver area.

Here are 10 tips that you will want to look out for when renting a furnished home, condo, apartment, or duplex in the Denver area.

1. Location

There are many companies that offer furnished rental properties, but not all companies reside in the state or city that you are looking to rent in. By finding a company that is located in the area they are renting properties for you can be assured that not only will they have the best selection, they will also have the best locations for you to choose from.

2. Pricing

When renting a furnished property the management company had to take in a lot of factors when setting their monthly prices. These factors often include things like, owner costs, location, square footage, utilities, maintenance, management fees, etc. These are all things that are counted prior to listing a monthly price. This is for your peace of mind knowing that you have one price and don't have to worry about all of the other associated costs and bills that go into a listing.

3. Pick a Good Property Management Company

Utilize a company that is from the Denver area considering they will have the best properties, a bigger selection, and the best pricing options for you. But also consider the information and knowledge they can pass along being residents themselves. Having a someone with an intimate knowledge of the city goes a long  way towards helping you assimilate into a new area. They will be a huge resource for all of your basic needs whether it be groceries, recreation, traffic flow, etc.

4. Does Your Rental Company Cater to Your Industry

Many celebrities, speakers, nurses and doctors, professional athletes and others are big time users of corporate housing. They all have different needs and requests when looking for a property for their short term stay in the Denver Area. If you are looking for a rental property and haven't taken into account whether or not the management company has worked with these industries in the past you may find that they are unaccustomed to accommodating your special rental desires. Find a company that is attentive to your privacy and expectations concerning your industry and professional status. For VIP's it is extremely important that this is taken into account before signing with any management company.

5. Can Your Rental Company Tell You About Your Potential Neighbors?

Something every tenant eventually finds out after renting is whether or not the neighborhood is quite, has lots of neighborhood kids, is made up of young or old. These are all factors large corporate management companies can't answer not being a part of the rental community. Companies that are located in the Denver area can offer insight into the activity level and demographics of any neighborhood. This could prove very important especially if you are looking for peace and quiet and a relaxing atmosphere.

6. Testimonials

When making major purchases or signing leasing agreements it is always important to check out the company you are leasing from. This goes without saying, a good way to determine whether you are signing with a professional company is the testimonials of past renters. Testimonials are often given by people that have had such great service they're are compelled to write about their experience. Read these before signing any lease, if they are good and you can tell that the rental company is knowledgeable and goes above and beyond when taking care of their renters you can be confident they will do the same for you.

7. Property Owners

Many times Corporate Housing property managers are listing houses from a network of property owners that they interface with. Make sure that the company you are listing with has an extensive list of qualifications before taking on a property from any given owner. They should have their own agreements and contracts in place that legally protect the renters and also detail all of the procedures that you are to take in the event of an emergence or maintenance issue that may arise during your stay. They should also perform background checks and look for liens or hidden tax issues that may cause problems for the renters that were unforeseen. A good management company will only have the best properties avoiding any and all problems that can occur because the owner is unable to rent under the established terms and quality checks by the management company. This will save you many headaches down the road.

8. Quality Website With Pictures and Details

When researching a place to rent online, make sure the website and company you are looking at has a vast collection of pictures and information about the properties. These things should be displayed in an easy to access way, giving you all of the upfront information that you will need to make a wise choice on the right property. Knowing what you will be looking at before renting or going to a showing of a property will save you time and money.

9. Scheduling Rental Properties

The last thing you want to do is to be mislead on the terms of the rental service. A management company must be extremely proactive on scheduling their properties. This means being up to date on when properties are available or not. Many time property owners will only rent during certain seasons or blocks of time. If your company fails to manage this aspect professionally then that could mean a lot of inconvenience in the future for you. It is critical that the company has a website that accurately reflects the dates that desired properties are available, and that you know that any given lease will cover the entire time that you will be in the Denver area. How they manage this is a telling sign as to whether or not they are a professional company or not.

10. Are They Nationally Certified?

A good property management company will be recognized under a realtors associations or by the Corporate Housing Providers Association. Affiliation with these organizations means they strive to meet or exceed the recommendations these organizations set. Your property management company should have their associations displayed on their website, and are proud to be affiliated with such organizations and regulations. This goes a long way towards providing confidence that you are signing a lease with a company that is trusted and professional.

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