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Executive Housing Strategies for Corporations Moving to Denver

Corporate Housing Solutions | Oct. 23, 2017

Recently Amazon announced they will be moving their corporate headquarters to another city. This announcement has prompted 100's of proposals submitted by cities all across the nation. One such city which is proving to be an Amazon favorite is Denver. An article in the Westword highlighting this potential move lays out some of the benefits and also the logistical challenges associated with their corporate Headquarters coming to Denver.

"October 19, marks the deadline for cities to submit proposals to Amazon focusing on why they should be home to the company's second headquarters, shorthanded as HQ2, and the presentation from Denver, which is considered one of the favorites, is in. Plenty of locals have been worried about the impact on traffic, infrastructure and more should the Mile High City win the race, which is predicted to result in more than 100,000 new jobs between Amazon employees and ancillary workers, and a new study that predicts significantly higher rent and housing costs here in the wake of HQ2 adds more reasons for concern.

"Prime Markup: How Much Would Amazon HQ2 Drive Up Rents?," issued by, analyzes the potential Amazon effect on Denver and fourteen other metropolitan areas thought to have a good chance of successfully luring this economic powerhouse: Raleigh, North Carolina; San Jose and Los Angeles, California; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Austin and Dallas, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Boston, Massachusetts; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; and Washington, D.C." (Westword)

Obviously jobs are a huge plus when it comes to a corporation like Amazon coming to the Denver metro area and is why the City of Denver is quick to submit a proposal, but those citing infrastructure problems could be right. The question is how would a corporation even begin to house all of those employees, especially in a city that is in the middle of a known housing crunch.


Denver Executive Housing Solutions

One of the main ways large corporations are able to migrate employees in mass is through strategic partnerships with executive and corporate housing providers. Companies like Corporate Housing Solutions, are indispensable to such a move. Only companies like Corporate Housing Solutions have a plethora of rental options in locations all over the Denver metro area, that are turn-key furnished solutions that allow for employees to make the move, without the headaches associated with relocating in an area that is hurting for more housing options.

If Amazon is to make the move to Denver than they would certainly benefit from the services of offered by Corporate Housing Solutions for their executive Housing needs

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